Your Unique Life is a Choice

Mainstream culture perpetuates the idea that each individual is unique. At the same time, society seems to frown upon individuals expressing their uniqueness (check your Twitter feed).

To have lasting inner peace, you must live a life that is true to your unique values, unique gifts and idiosyncrasies – your unique life. Yet, the more unique a life you live, the more of your self that you are, the more society (some people in society) will project negativity towards you. In the end, each individual, whether they know it or not, makes a choice, and bears the cost of their choice.

Either you do not experience lasting inner peace, or you experience the disdain of society.

By Brian

I’m Brian Gachichio. I advise and consult on strategy design and execution, performance measurement in organizations, and business process management.

My goal is to provide the innovative thinking that leads to high-impact solutions to business problems and help produce above-average results.