Step by step, rep by rep, day by day, everyday. The power of compounding kicks in over-time and though there is little or no visible progress at first, incredible results begin to appear. The “secret” of your success? Simple! It’s your habits.

The great thing about habits is that you can build them easily. If you want to build an exercise habit, before you program a 1-hour workout, start by doing 10 pushups, 10 squats, and 10 crunches every day. If you want to be a writer, before you buy a new Moleskine and some hand-crafted pens, start by writing 2 paragraphs every day on a foolscap pad using your blue Bic ballpoint. When it comes to habits, all that really matters is consistency. If intensity is required, that can come much later on after the habit is formed.


PS: Atomic Habits by James Clear is a thoughtful, well-written book on building habits.

By Brian

I’m Brian Gachichio. I advise and consult on strategy design and execution, performance measurement in organizations, and business process management.

My goal is to provide the innovative thinking that leads to high-impact solutions to business problems and help produce above-average results.