Managing Processes vs Managing People

In many organizations which struggle to achieve high performance, too much emphasis is placed on managing people, and not enough emphasis is placed on managing processes. People are pushed and pulled to achieve performance targets which never seem to be met. And as a result, people tend to become disengaged and unhappy at work.

On the other hand, in high performance organizations, much more attention and emphasis is placed on the organization’s processes. In such organizations, managers spend less effort managing people and more effort managing processes. In those organizations, managers manage processes and lead people.

As a manager in your organization, how is your time and energy split between managing your processes vs managing your people?


How Do You Know?

What is the purpose of your organisation? Why does it exist?

Organisations generally do not exist to produce profit. Profit may be necessary to sustain the organisation, but it is probably not the only reason why the founders created the organisation in the first place. Therefore, profit is probably not a sufficient indicator for measuring if your organisation is achieving its purpose.

How do you know that your organisation is achieving its purpose?