Changing Perspective

Changing perspective is difficult. Imagine being told that the sky that you knew to be blue was actually colourless? You would never believe it. What it they proved it to you? It could be an elaborate trick. What if you were told that the earth that you knew to be round was actually flat? It could be lie. What if a great mathematician proved it to you? Fake news!

A lot of what we know today to be false was once considered true by the majority of people. The few who held different beliefs were considered tricksters, liars, and even heretics. But it’s because changing perspective is so difficult.

Yet, often approaching a problem with an alternative perspective can often open up a world of possibilities. Fortunately for us, we all have the gift of creativity which we can use to look at the world with different perspectives. Changing perspective remains difficult, but our creativity gives us the ability to do so.


How to Start

One of the biggest challenges people face when it comes to doing big audacious things is starting. The mind plays this trick on us: rather than focus on the immediate next steps, it focuses us on the end-result that we want. When we compare the end-result with our current position, we get discouraged when we see the huge contrast. If we could focus on the immediate next steps, however, the contrast would not be so great, and it would be easy to get ourselves to do what we need to do to make progress.

Dream big but think small to start.