Higher Education is Broken

The higher education system is broken.

It doesn’t make sense that one should spend 4 years in a classroom learning about business, entrepreneurship, or marketing, but doing none of it.

As an academic myself, I appreciate the value of schooling. But I believe that there are better ways to develop businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Innovative ways that build on the best of the traditional system but leverage on technology, and learning-by-doing.

This would not be a school for everyone. Just for radicals who want to do cool new things and make a living out of it.


Questions to Reflect on

What do you deeply want?
How would you spend your time if you did not have to earn money?
What do you hope to achieve by doing what you are currently doing?
What would make you truly happy?
Why aren’t you happier now?
If you could go back 5 years, what would you do differently?
If you could look 5 years into the future, how would you want your life to be like?
What can you begin doing today to get your life to where you would want it to be in 5 years?