Have Options

I believe that “cash is king” because cash affords you the most options. Having most of your wealth in real estate or stocks is great when the market is rising. Until the market turns and prices begin to drop. In a rising market, holding a lot of cash is not optimal. But in both rising and falling markets, cash affords you the most options.

Given a choice among several alternatives, the best choice is almost often the one which provides you with the most options. This is true even if that choice generates less income or status for you than others. Since it is not the most optimal option of the various alternatives, it may look dumb to others. But you will be well placed to take advantage of opportunities or manage difficulties when they inevitably come. Sometimes the best choice is not the most optimal choice.




Becoming the Person you Want to Become

You can become the person you want to become. Here’s how:

Step 1: Decide who you want to become
Step 2: Identify the process required
Step 3: Implement the process everyday
Step 4: Occasionally review your progress. Reward yourself if you are doing well. If you aren’t, identify the obstacles slowing down your progress and remove them from your life.
Give it time.

– Deciding who you want to become also means deciding who you do not want to become. That means making sacrifices.

– The process you identify will be difficult, perhaps even painful, for a long time.
Implementing the process everyday means developing discipline and often saying “No” to having a good time with your loved ones, or comfort, or other things that are difficult to say “No” to.

– Reviewing your progress requires honest self-criticism. It means looking in the mirror, and seeing you for what you really are, and that many often not feel good.


You can become whoever you want to become, if you are willing to endure sacrifice, difficulty, and pain, if you are ready to say “No” all the time, if you are willing to be honest with yourself, for years on end.